Swim Meet #1

Swim Meet #1

Before we get into our first update, please make sure to read our introduction article to get to know us better.

First Week:

It’s been a crazy first week since we made our public announcement, the amount of DMs and congratulatory messages have been overwhelming. We have been working hard for the last few months to make this happen, and we are extremely excited to see the community grow.

The amount of attention that cross-chain bridges are getting might be a surprise to some people, but over here it wasn’t a surprise at all. As we saw defi transitioning into a multi-chain universe, we want to position ourselves to provide a seamless experience for users to move native tokens across chains.

Community Update:

Currently we are fortunate to have our network of advisors helping us with managing the community and guiding us with PR/Marketing. We get a ton of questions on “Wen token”, and I do hate to share the same answer every time, but we will launch the token when our product is ready to support it. Having done a lot of yield-farming and exploring defi projects ourselves, we want to launch our token when there is utility and reasons for users to hold on to our tokens.

Product Update:

On the dev side, we are continuing to work hard integrating with Wormhole v2. We’ve engaged with an audit company for when we are ready for code review. On the UI & landing page side, we are expecting an overhaul of our landing page soon, making it easier for users to understand our product.

Finally, we would love for anyone to chat more about bridge designs and capital efficiencies over at our discord & telegram!