June in Review - Swim Protocol

June in Review - Swim Protocol

All eyes were on the market this month during these tough conditions, but it’s during times like these that a community bands together and grows together.

This month we rolled out some exciting expansions and partnerships, with plenty more coming down the road. Keep on reading to find out how June went for Swim!

We’d like to thank all of you Swimmers for believing in us as we continue to #BUIDL despite the conditions.

Month in Review

06/02 - Swim is featured in the latest issue of Paul Veradittakit’s VeradiVerdict, where he covers the cross-chain bridging landscape & Swim’s plans to connect the multichain world. Paul is a general partner at Pantera Capital.

  • You can read his article here

06/08 - Swim introduces “Swim’s Ecoystem Overviews”, a series of research reports aimed to provide Swimmers with helpful resources & information across Swim’s supported chains. Our first overview details the Polkadot ecosystem!

06/14 - SolanaFM, a Solana block explorer with a user-friendly interface, announces its latest partnerships with Swim, Bonfida, Socean, and various other protocols in the Solana ecosystem.

06/20 - soladex.io publishes a beginners guide & tutorial on Swim where they cover Swim’s design, differentiating factors, and other important information!

  • Check out their beginner's guide here

06/21 - Swim announces our partnership with Meshswap, an AMM built to allow users to swap assets on the Polygon network.

  • If you're interested in learning more about the partnership and both protocols, you can find a recording of our AMA with Meshswap here:

06/21 - Swim & Ratio Finance announce their strategic partnership. Ratio, a collateralized debt position platform, will allow Swim users to extend the capabilities of their liquidity provisioning efforts by locking their assets into safe & secure vaults, whilst minting $USDr for extra liquidity just by depositing SwimUSD as collateral.

  • Check out this blog post covering the details of the partnership here
  • And you can find a recording of our AMA with Ratio here:

You can learn more about both Meshswap & Ratio Finance in Swim’s Twitter thread below:

06/30 - Swim announces that support for Fantom & Aurora are live! Swimmers can now swap native assets across Solana, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom & Aurora!

  • Read more about our expansion here

What’s next?

Our roadmap continues to excite us as we look forward to showing all our loyal Swimmers what is coming next!

  1. Further expansion to other chains ~ with the next stop being the Polkadot ecosystem
  2. Swim's very own relayer, the Propeller ~ bringing seamless single-click swapping
  3. More partnerships ~ with integrations also coming down the line
  4. UX enhancements ~ to take Swim to the next level in terms of ease of use

Quick note

With recent market turmoil, we just wanted to clarify that Swim has no relations or exposure to Three Arrows Capital, nor are they one of our seed investors.

With all that has happened post $UST depegging and ensuing market insolvency it’s important that all Swimmers be careful and stay vigilant.

About Swim

Swim is a multi-chain AMM for native assets, designed to make bridging as easy as possible. Our protocol eliminates the need for wrapped assets by allowing users to swap from a native asset on one chain to a native asset on any other supported chain. Swim’s solution reduces the barriers faced by users when performing cross-chain transactions, enabling true interoperability between various blockchain networks.

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